Company profile
Zhejiang Homebase intelligent technology Co., ltd is a list company, specialized in stainless steel water pumps R&D, production and sales, founded in 2003 with 42.5 million CNY registered capital, formerly know as Zhejiang Homebase industrial Co.,ltd. Located in Qinggang industrial zone , Yuhuan, Zhejiang Province, the factory covers an area of 40000m2, with more than 320 staff , including 54 technicians.

Homebase focuses on independent innovation and technological transformation. Homebase products use imported stainless steel shell, high-strength sand-resistant, wear-resistant PC and POM composite polymer material guide shell. The motor uses oil-filled structure design,which has a longer life, cooling performance is better and the dive depth is deeper . the product use the new three-dimensional fluid hydraulic design, which makes the pump single stage top lift to 7m, with high flow, better anti-sand , anti-corrosion, better anti-rust ,The diffuser of each stage has rubber bearings and stainless steel bushings, it makes the pump with stable performance, small size, high head, high efficiency.

Homebase products are widely used in the fields of household, industrial water supply, irrigation, mine pumping, station pumping, municipal engineering, construction water supply and water transmission system. At present, Homebase products have 3-inch, 3.5-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch. According to the power, various specifications are fully configured from 0.18 KW - 30KW. Hombase focus on product quality and set up the national comprehensive water pump testing system, with the comprehensive test device, the input current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency data of the water pump are real-time been monitoring, also for frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz products can be exchange . Homebase has the national high precision level dynamometer, simulation run environment sediment content life testing and simulation of high pressure deep well leak test, air turbidity, water hammer test, winding and inter turn pressure safety inspection, to ensure product quality.

Homebase is with strong technical innovation and R&D strength, the company successfully advanced in the international market, and has gradually formed a complete and extensive international marketing network. Our products cover Europe, North America, the Middle East and Russia and Southeast Asia and other regions. The company has strict quality assurance and integrity-based as the service concept, established a profound friendship and good relations of trust and cooperation with domestic and foreign customers.

Homebase gains many honors as “National Building Decoration Materials Science and Technology Innovation Award”, “famous brand in taizhou” and so on . We have passed the quality control system of ISO9001:2015 quality control system, good-conduct on standardization ,German BSCI system certification and so on. Our company has obtained product certification, such as CE, GS, GMS, etc.